Tinker & Belle's Story

Once upon a time...
back in 2006 I travelled to Bangladesh with my little daughter Isabelle, to join my husband who was working on a project in Dhaka. During the year that we spent there - I kept myself busy making clothes for Isabelle and her friends.
I'd always struggled to find little girls’ clothes that I liked - clothes which are simple in shape, free of cartoons, free of branding and NOT PINK! 
My solution was to borrow a sewing machine and start making the clothes I couldn’t buy. Each time we returned to England to visit family I stocked up on Liberty prints. In Dhaka I bought fine cotton voiles from the market.
At this point, I should mention that in my pre-children life I graduated with a degree in fashion design and clothing technology and for many years I ran my own business designing and producing high-end women's couture.
Fast forward to 2011...back living in the UK and settled in Edinburgh’s beautiful New Town, the 'Tinker & Belle' online store opened with a small collection of the designs I made for my little Isabelle.
Today...I am delighted to still be making beautiful Liberty print clothing for customers all over the world. 
Gabrielle Murray - Owner & Designer 
Isabelle In Dhaka 
Isabelle In Dhaka