Liberty Art Fabrics

I bought my first metre of Liberty lawn whilst on a school trip to London in the mid-eighties and at the time it seemed like a very extravagant purchase. Today, when placing trade orders with Liberty, it still feels like amazing treat.              Gabby Murray - Designer and Owner of Tinker & Belle
Liberty began manufacturing Tana lawn in the 1920’s, taking its name from Lake Tana in Ethiopia where the raw cotton was grown. Liberty Tana Lawn has a very fine thread count which gives it a luxuriously light, silky feel and although very fine it is extremely durable.
It is perfect for year round wear - cool for summer and easy to layer up with knitwear for winter.
Tinker & Belle uses a mixture of the seasonal prints that Liberty produces twice a year and the classic archive prints that now have iconic status - some of which were designed by key figures of the Arts and Craft movement at the end of the 19th century.


Choose Your Print...

Tinker & Belle clothing designs can be made with any of the prints shown in the range below. All of these Liberty prints are held in stock at the T&B workroom. 

If you don't see your favourite print or colourway - just get in touch to request a custom order and a quote will be provided for you.

Pale Blue Betsy Tana Lawn

Pale Blue Betsy

Pale Pink Betsy

Pale Pink Betsy

Cornflower Blue Betsy

Cornflower Blue Betsy

Yellow Betsy Tana Lawn

Yellow Betsy

Bright Pink betsy Tana Lawn

Bright Pink Betsy

Aqua Betsy Tana Lawn

Aqua Betsy

Navy Betsy

Navy Betsy

Yellow Emma & Georgina

Yellow Emma & Georgina

Blue Emma & Georgina Tana Lawn

Blue Emma & Georgina

Red Emma & Georgina Tana Lawn

Red Emma & Georgina

Navy Emma & Georgina Tana Lawn

Navy Emma & Georgina

Green Favourite Flowers Tana Lawn

Green Favourite Flowers

Red Favourite Flowers Liberty Tana Lawn

Red Favourite Flowers

Blue Phoebe Liberty Tana Lawn

Blue Phoebe

Pink Phoebe Liberty Tana Lawn

Pink Phoebe

Coral Phoebe Liberty Tana Lawn

Coral Phoebe

Red Phoebe Liberty Tana Lawn

Red Phoebe

Camomile Liberty Tana Lawn

Chamomile Lawn

Pale Blue Glimmer Liberty Tana Lawn

Pale Blue Glimmer Fish

French Blue Glimmer Liberty Tana Lawn

French Blue Glimmer Fish

Dark Navy Glimmer Liberty Tana Lawn

Dark Navy Glimmer Fish

Blue Queue For The Zoo Liberty Tana Lawn

Blue Queue For The Zoo

Queue For The Zoo Liberty Tana Lawn

Pastel Queue For The Zoo

Marigold D'Anjo

Marigold D'Anjo

Pink D'Anjo Liberty Tana Lawn

Pink D'Anjo

Blue D'Anjo Liberty Tana Lawn

Pink D'Anjo

Pink Eloise Liberty Tana Lawn


Pink Poppy & Daisy Liberty Tana Lawn

Pink Poppy & Daisy

Mustard Poppy & Daisy Liberty Tana Lawn

Mustard Poppy & Daisy

Orange Poppy & Daisy Liberty Tana Lawn

Orange Poppy & Daisy

Blue Josue Liberty Tana Lawn

Blue Josue

Michelle Liberty Tana Lawn


Honeydew Liberty Tana Lawn


Pink Eliza's Liberty Tana Lawn

Pink Eliza

Blue Eliza's Liberty Tana Lawn

Blue Eliza

Dusty Pink Eliza's Liberty Tana Lawn

Dusty Pink Eliza

Rose Eliza's Liberty Tana Lawn

Rose Eliza

Wild Flowers Liberty Tana Lawn

White Wild Flowers

Elysian Liberty Tana Lawn


Wiltshire Liberty Tana Lawn


Pink Thorpe Liberty Tana Lawn

Pink Thorpe

Strawberry Thief Liberty Tana Lawn

Strawberry Thief

Red Ibiza Berries Liberty Tana Lawn

Red Ibiza Berries

Yellow Ibiza Berries Liberty Tana Lawn

Yellow Ibiza Berries

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